About Astarta Group

The team of "Astarta Group" is a team of like-minded people and professionals offering and implementing modern solutions. Development, guarantees, support, partnership have become the company's fundamental values, which are followed regardless of economic conditions, external incentives, competition or corporate trends.

The company has positively established itself in the domestic and foreign markets, setting reliable, long-term and mutually beneficial relations with its  partners. Therefore, a strong team of employees can be considered a significant achievement of the organization. Currently, "Astarta Group" does not stop there, continuing to actively invest and regularly expand the areas of its business.

The company owns the complex of administrative, production and warehouse premises of more than 9,000 square meters. Due to the own facilities, service and repair of equipment are carried out, as well as sale of spare parts for a large list of agricultural machinery. Imported equipment from "Astarta Group" means easy installation, reliable use, stable performance and a long service life.

We invite new partners for cooperation

"Astarta Group" is considering all options for mutually beneficial relations and is counting on long-term and fruitful cooperation.