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Main Solutions Sprayers

Sprayer is a machine or a device meant for air-spraying and application of liquid pesticides (in the form of solutions, suspensions, emulsions of various concentration) onto the plants for pests and diseases abatement, and also for weed destruction.

Sprayers are used in agriculture when there’s not enough moisture for spraying the soil with water (another liquid can be used). It improves moisture provision of the plants’ base, increases air humidity near the soil surface and reduces the air temperature near the plants’ base.

Sprayers are widely used for controlling various pests in agriculture and forestry. They are filled with liquid solution of special structure for this purpose.



Прицепные опрыскиватели

Штанга: общая ширина захвата: 16,3м-24м. Минимальная высота 0,38м, максимальная - 1,70м. Полностью гидравлическая система управления с контролем работы систем опрыскивателя, осуществляемая из кабины трактора.

Насос: производство Италия, ТМ «Udor», производительность от 85до160 л/мин.




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