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Technology of fodder storage in flexible plastic bags
dsc_6301.jpgThe company «Astarta Group» introduces the technology of fodder storage in flexible plastic bags.   пгнпеппп



Plastic bags are used for storage of forage grain, maize, maize and sorghum silage, one-year and multiyear haylage, presser, alfalfa and so on. Optimal conservation conditions and small losses of nutrients are achieved due to instant air shut-off (cold fermentation), proper compaction of silage mass, lack of silage losses in the surface and outer layers of silage mass, absorption of silage sap within the bag and diminishing of nutrients losses; it becomes possible due to the repetitive fermentation. Taking into account the right choice of a preserving agent, the fodder can be stored without any quality losses.


Advantages of the Technology:

  • Receiving high-quality fodder. Right after filling a plastic bag with forage crops, there appears anaerobic atmosphere which substantially reduces the time, necessary for anaerobic fermentation processes beginning, in other words – reduction of pH level.
  • Low investment expenses.
  • Decreasing the probability of fodder spoilage under unfavorable weather conditions during bag filling. The mass within the bag is protected and isolated against downfalls and high air humidity.  It is possible to cancel the operation quickly, close the bag and re-start the operation after the weather stabilizes.
  • Low losses. While storing fodder in plastic bags, the losses constitute on the average up to 5% (1-8%) of dry matter, and in silo pits – up to 25% of dry matter.
  • High rated capacity and portability of bagging machines.
  • Flexibility of the technology. Fodder bagging can be performed at any convenient for a manufacturer time, in necessary amount and place.
  • Decreasing the cost of a final product item (beef, pork, milk), which is a principal factor for an agricultural enterprise diversification.
  • Achieving the final result – efficiency improvement. Silage mass, made of humid corn, is a principal factor of efficiency improvement of fodder undamaged condition, its cost, delivery promptness, energy demands reduction.
  • Harvesting of maize, sorghum with moisture content 25-30 %.
  • 1-2 months timing advance of harvesting terms.
  • Substantial changing of the existing crop rotation.
  • Lack of expenses on humid grain, meant at feeding aims, transportation to the elevator, drying, labor payment, electric power and so on.
  • Maximally effective using of storage places.
  • Simplifying the rate setting due to a definite grade of product chopping.
  • Maximally possible density of the stored fodder or grain due to strong pressing while bagging.
High daily rated capacity of the equipment.
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