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Main Technologies Bags hybrid storage technology

Bags forage storage technology


Bags storage technology


Bags hybrid storage technology

Bags hybrid storage technology
bags.jpgThe essence of the technology lies in grain and granulated materials storage in addition to already existing elevator and storehouse volumes. It helps to store cereals with minimal expenses, to reduce transport costs substantially and ensures total producer's independence from the elevator.
















This approach helps to create a hybrid-type elevator on the basis of any existing  barn-floor, in this case:

-         weighing operation is carried out at the existing weighing station,

-         clearing is performed at the purification complexes,

-         transitional storage is performed at the sheltered barn-floor,

-         a small area of the adjoining flat field is used for loading and placing flexible bags for grain storage,

-         available capacities are quite enough for electric power supply.

The necessary investments are: purchase of loading and unloading machines, grain reloading equipment, tractors of MTZ-82 and T-150 types (if missing on the farm) and preparation of a true surface, and the expenses are - purchase of expendable materials (air-tight bags) and fuel for tractors, electric energy expenses and salary.

One can place up to 5000 tons of wheat packed into air-tight three-layer bags on 1 hectare!



Using a hybrid-type elevator gives the possibility:

  to shorten harvesting time and optimize harvesting expenses;

-   to reduce losses, connected with harvesting terms shift or dragging out;

-   to cut down essentially investment outlays and project implementation terms;

      -   to create a «dimensionless» elevator, stuffing and efficiency of which are always close to the maximum; 

-     to reduce amortization costs on grain harvesting/storage;

-     to administer the refining and drying logistics due to the possibility of grain storage with the humidity, exceeding acceptable limits, during 2-3 month without any grain damage risk;  

-     to ensure more precise grain classifying; 

-     to eliminate expenses connected with grain  aeration and fumigation.

Necessary equipment and materials

What is necessary for grain packing:

1.   Three-layer flexible polyethylene bags;

2.   A machine for grain packing (Bagger);

3.   A tractor (MTZ-80(82));

4.   A grain loader or a reloader with a tractor;

      5.   A machine for extracting grain from bags (Unloader).
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