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Main Solutions Reloader

It Serves the Following Purposes:

   •   to convey grain into plastic bags;

   •   to unload the combine harvester tanks and to transport grain to the side of the field for further reloading it into the bulk grain lorry;

   to load seeders with seed grain;

   •   to load seeders and spreaders with mineral fertilizers;

   to reload granular and small fraction materials and so on;

   to reload grain into the dump pit.


Main Advantages:

   cutback of combine harvesters idle time;

   reduction of time and expenses on harvesting;

   due to wide wheels and mass distribution on three axles the pressure on fertile soil layer lowers and the ground is not compacted.


Technical descriptions of bunkers


"Tolvo" by a carrying capacity 22 tons:





Length (m)


Width (m)


Height (m)


Geometric volume (m3)


Capacity (wheat) (t)



triaxial, centerpoint

Discharge auger rate (t/h)


Type of tractor used

MTZ -1221 and so on




-           ready -assembled reloader;

-           vertical folding auger with a hydraulic cylinder for grain unloading;

-           tow bar; 

-           lighting equipment inside the unloader and on the upper part of the vertical auger;

-           inspection windows on the front and rear walls of the reloader for filling level monitoring;

-           drag bar with a regulated contact level to the tractor’s drawbar;

-           uniaxial center point suspension with four wheels;

-           access holes with a mechanical chuck system, located on the reloader’s bottom, designed for a horizontal auger cleaning-out;

-           horizontal auger protection system against stones and other shots;

-           horizontal and vertical augers, operated by PTO.



Additional options


  Strain-gauge weighing system with printing device for controlling the loaded grain quantity on-site and performing offloading without any additional weighing on the stationary barn-floor scales. It is of paramount importance for the farms which have to transport grain additionally for weighing before delivering it to the elevator. 


  Canvas top for grain protection against downfall.

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