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Main Solutions Equipment for elevators
Equipment for elevators

delitel.jpgGrain Transport Equipment



Reel Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Dividing Heads

Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyors of Special Structures

Automatically Controlled Sample-Collecting Devices




             The inner fettling of a boot drum and an elevator head is made of polyurethane.

            The drive shaft drum in the elevator head is made of rubberized sections, preventing the belt from sliding. They can be substituted partially, without taking the drum off and loosening the belt.

            The drum mechanism is designed in such a way, as to direct the grain, got between the belt and the drum, back into the drum housing. The movable pulley mechanism prevents the belt sliding and its slipping off the pulley.

            The boot drum is equipped with the unloading gates, service hatches and a spring-screw take-up.

The pull and drive shafts of a boot drum and an elevator head, and also bearing parts are made of special hardwearing metal.

It is possible to substitute the noria frame panels, connected by external screws by means of flanged edges block by block, without dismantling the belt with the buckets and knocking down the noria.

The noria’s panels are equipped with service hatches, located in its bottom part, at the boot, which gives an operator the possibility of free visual examination and simplifies the maintenance. 

The plastic noria buckets are made of special hardwearing material.

The belt high-quality dustproof rubber doesn’t cripples during running.

The whole noria housing is galvanized both outside and inside. Additionally the noria can be painted from outside.

Trouble-proof coupling, gear system and the motor set engine.

The possibility of completing with shaft engines.

The engines correspond to the Ukrainian standards 50 Hz.


katushka.jpgReel Conveyors



Totally closed – substantially reduces the quantity of disposable dust.

           Self-cleaning – collects the spread out material.

           Restarting function – the material returns to the belt.

No inner bulges – no heaping and plugging occur.

Isolated bearing parts – no explosive dust ingress.


skreb.jpgDrag Conveyors


Per client, the conveyor design for returning chain support can be performed in two variants: bearing rollers with polyurethane coating or a chain on polyurethane scrapers runs in guides (skies).

Equipped with return carrier cases, collecting non-unloaded grain in its initial position for further unloading.

The lugs, fastening drags on the chain, are made by a longwearing welded connection.

The working surface of a conveyor housing (bottom) is made of a thicker layer of metal with additional galvanized coating.

          Inner fettling is possible. All scrapers are made of polyurethane.






Operating rates and storage facilities can be equipped with the following types of aeration systems: of centrifugal force with low and high speed, of axial flow, of liner centrifugal force.

We deliver the whole range of aeration equipment, including equipment of aeration floors for flat-bottomed silos, specially designed aerations “Rocket” for even drying in сone-bottomed silos, fans for roof and walls.



The whole range of accessory equipment for grain transportation


Stationary grain transport equipment

Closed belt conveyors – roller, reel.


from 50 to 4800 t/h

Drag conveyors

Union Iron

from 50 tо 2000 t/h


Union Iron

from 50 tо 1636 t/h

Mountings and towers

Union Iron

Spacing up to 70m

Dispensers of grain flows

(dividing heads)

Union Iron

from 4 tо 20 unloading gate valves

Drag conveyors of special structures

Union Iron

Different sizes and structures

Automatically controlled sample-collecting devices

Union Iron

Industrial or commercial models




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