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dsc_6179.jpgProduction association "Astarta Group" was founded in 1999, and at present it includes more than 10 enterprises engaged in production, processing and trading activities.

         One of the key directions of the Company's activity is advancement of alternative technologies of grain storage and grain processing, which are orientated towards all categories of agricultural enterprises and elevators. The main advantage of these technologies is lowering production costs by substantial reduction of storage and transportation expenses. As a result, the producer obtains complete independence from the elevator and a possibility to sell the yield at the highest price.


          The "Astarta Group" association is concerned, particularly, with the sale of such kinds of equipment:  

-   Equipment for grain, silage and fertilizers storage. It helps to load the necessary material into plastic tubes with

the storage capacity up to 350 tons. The loading rate varies from 15 to 600 tons per hour. The equipment is ideal for big,

middle-sized- and small producers; it can also be used while making additional grain repositories at the mills and

elevators. The suggested technology provides reliable long-term storage of all kinds of agricultural production: wheat,

soybean, rape, corn, sunflower and others, and also silage and mineral fertilizers.


-    Mobile grain repositories. Pre-fabricated aired metal systems, covered by tent, used for prompt acceptance of

grain and its further storage. The repositories need neither substantial financial expenses nor making construction

projects and agreements. All assembly, disassembly and transport operations are carried out within the shortest terms.

Silo-type grain repositories for farms. The peculiarity of this type grain repository is modularity, the possibility to choose

the assembly place, order and the capacity of the repository itself. We offer the repositories with the capacity from 30

to 2000 tons with the possibility of further stepping up to any capacity, necessary for meeting the needs of a certain



-     Mobile grain dryers. The energy carrier may be either diesel fuel or different kinds of gas. The dryer can be used

without the lock-on to the infrastructure of the farm; it doesn't need connection to the electric power line or to the gas

pipe-line, that is in the field. The equipment can work either with the help of the tractor's PTO shaft, or the electric

engine. Depending on the model, the drying rate of these grain dryers is from 60 to 250 tons a day; that can meet the

needs of small and middle-sized farms.


All the equipment suggested by "Astarta Group" is notable for the simplicity and reliability in use; it is operated by the least of personnel, easily transported, assembled and dismantled.


For the purpose of adapting the equipment and machinery to the climatic and technological conditions of Ukraine, the "Astarta Group" association is working out a project of construction of manufacturing facilities for completely knocked down (CKD)and semi knock-down (SKD) of all the above mentioned equipment with the use of certain own-manufactured parts.


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