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  Mobile grain dryer


Grain drying by heated air has been used for 50 years.

At present the interest to the drying increased because of the high-production combines usage, and, consequently, because of harvesting time reduction. The high-production dryers usage substantially cuts down the grain preparation time for long-term storage, reduces grain losses in the field during harvesting...



...and also makes possible delivering grain from the field to the long-term storage warehouse within considerably tight schedule and with minimal losses. It is especially important during maize harvesting, the major part of which in Ukraine is harvested within 4-6 weeks and initially has large humidity percentage, about 33-34%, while the necessary humidity for long-term storage is 14%.

Recirculating batch and automatic grain dryers manufactured by «GT Mfg.», the exclusive dealer of which in the territory of Ukraine is «Astarta Group», provide high-quality grain preparation for further storage and processing.

Doubtless advantages of these dryers are: maximum reliability, construction resistibility towards aggressive working environment, maintenance simplicity, and excellent quality characteristics of the dried product.

Distinctive aspect of these dryers is the fact they do not demand any additional loading and unloading equipment.


All you need for high-speed high-quality drying is a GTRB Dryer, a tractor and propane. Average set-up time is 30 minutes.


1. Loading hopper eliminates he need for separate augers. Load directly from your truck or grain wagon.


2. One 12" auger recirculates and unloads grain gently. Low 275 RPM operation keeps grain column full for controlled, even drying. Seamless tube and spin-balanced auger reduce wear and mechanical fatigue.


New SuperfliteTM High Durability Flighting


Super EdgeTM flighting provides up to 50% extra thickness at the exact location where the greatest wear occurs. This innovational solution was designed and patented specifically to combat auger wear with no increase in weight. This result is achieved thanks to cold rolled steel process.


3. Built-in grain sampler collects grain for moisture testing from the center of the grain column.


4. Completely portable and specially designed for easy transportation to the working place. Top section of center auger removes easily, loading hopper folds up for out-of-the-way storage or transport


5. Centrally located controls provide complete control of the drying process by a single operator. Additional gauges or monitors are not needed.


6. Round bin design evenly distributes heated air for uniform drying. Grain flows smoothly, since it dries without bridging.

 7. Perforated inner chamber distributes heated air evenly through grain column. Special design provides greater durability of the equipment.

8. Agitator arms move at a constant rate of 8 RPM. Grain is in constant motion during the entire drying process.


9. Built-in vaporizer allows accurate, fuel efficient drying, even in subfreezing temperatures. The vaporizer "pulls" liquid propane from the bottom of the tank and converts it to vapor.


10. Efficient stainless steel ring burner keeps drying costs to a minimum and delivers evenly heated air to the drying chamber at constant temperatures.

11. NEW In-Line Centrifugal Fan delivers powerful airflow. The new design reduces noise level by 27 decibels which makes work place is safer, healthier and more comfortable.

12. Service access door slides up and out for monitoring of the auger drive.


13. Modular panels offer quick access to plumbing and electrical controls.


14. High-quality coating of the dryer effectively protects from the environmental factors influence.


15.  A centralized system provides access to all lubrication points. Microprocessing - based reliability and accurate drying control.


16. Complete drying control is assured. The dryer automatically shuts off when the set temperature is reached, after it unloading and next loading come.


17. Safety controls with digital indicators automatically monitor all drying functions: drying temperature, grain temperature, flame failure and power failure.


GT Mfg grain dryers are an example of innovation in agriculture which lets receiving a high-quality product in the short term and under minimal energy expenses.




XL 245

XL 345

XL 545

XL 645

XL 845

Drying chamber capacity, t






Type of fuel

gas, diesel fuel

Fuel spending, l/1t/%


Electric motor, kW






Burner power, kW




Fan power, m3/h





Loading assembly capacity, t/h


Unloading assembly capacity, t/h


Capacity, maize is 5% less, t/h









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