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Universal pneumatic seeders «Terranova»
Universal pneumatic seeders «Terranova», Argentina
Seylka.jpgIn 1984 engineer E. Bertini, having realized his idea of creating a seeder working on all types of Argentinean soils, presented his first seeder model 8.500.
     This machine applied fertilizers under seedbed, reducing costs on seed grain and fertilizers, thus contributing to getting heavy yields. The product quickly occupied its niche at the agricultural equipment market due to the highest technologies and constant innovations.
     In 1988 at the Palermo exhibition engineer E. Bertini presented his first seeder model 2514 for direct seeding.
     In 1996-97 the company presented a new technological generation of seeders model 1714 for large-seed crops, totally meeting the demands of agricultural producers.
     The seeders created by engineer E. Bertini, are one of the most successful seeder in Argentina. For many years they underwent some changes in the form, but not in the essence.
The transition from the traditional seeding to a direct one has become a fact, and «Terranova» seeders can be successfully used for traditional seeding, and then they can be adapted for direct seeding.

 «Terranova» planters are the leader in direct seeding! 

       Uniform seeding and even sprouts are obtained when the seeds are planted into the uniformly treated soil, with the same depth and close contact with the soil. The guarantee of a high yield should be level quality sprouts of the crop. For that, the seeds must be provided optimal conditions for germination, as follows:
• high-quality seeding material with adequate seed cleanness, their germinating capacity and the energy level;
• the necessary amount of moisture in the furrow;
• neither side walls nor the furrow base condensation;
• seed application into the furrow exactly, and not on the top of plant residues pressed into it;
 • a uniform depth of seeding down due to the good soil tracing and maintaining a constant planter clamping force.
All the necessary planter features to achieve these objectives have been preserved from the beginning of creation the «Terranova» planter:
• cutting discs (turbo blades) to cut the soil and crop residues;
• double seeding disc with a very small inter-discs angle;
• toothed V-shaped press-wheel coverers;
• standard hopper for fertilizers and seeds;
• a good deepening in any soil, achieved through the using of the lever rule, to transfer of pressure on the disks from the counterweight located under the platform;
• strength and endurance;
• simplicity of maintenance;
• suitable for sowing wheat, soy, corn, sunflower, canola and alfalfa;
• the possibility of fertilization in the row and in the row spacing.

The economic effect of applying «Terranova» planters in No-till technology is more than obvious: there are no costs for plowing, cultivating, harrowing; and fuel consumption is only 10 liters/ha!


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