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                Plastic bags storage is an integrated method due to which different kinds of grain can be stored and processed on the farm in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. This technology means that you store grain protected in a modified atmosphere, with low oxygen content and a high concentration of carbon dioxide.

            In fact, anaerobic environment eliminates insects and fungal diseases without chemical substances application. It results in reduction of toxicity, labor intensity and investments. Natural metabolic processes taking place in grain itself slow down and, consequently, the production storage term increases. Airproof bag storage system is easy to apply; bagging and bag uloading skills are acquired quickly.


This method provides any storage capacity necessary for you. If you have already got a grain-processing plant, this technology lets you to extend your activity at the cost of installation additional storehouses to the ones you already have.

Plastic bags storage as an additional bonus is an acceptable method of storage for all kinds of pellets, such as great cattle fodder and fertilizers.


It is a very functional an useful tool in case you have got a grain dryer or any commercial equipment for grain processing and you want to store your grain in optimal conditions for a long time. This solution gives you the possibility to unload grain from bags, to dry it at the equal speed and to store in bags again. This versatility is one of the reasons why plastic bags grain storage technology became popular among the clients, starting with small producers to large commercial grain-processers.


This storage method gives you the possibility to classify different kinds of grain in an easy and convenient way. You can apply the necessary data on each bag: grain kind, quality, field where the crop was harvested, humidity, some individual information as for every bag, which will help to take the best decision concerning grain sale.


Plastic bags grain storage technology allows you concentrating on the thing you do best: on valuable crop harvesting and confidence in the fact it is stored risk-free. Forget complicated logistic procedures connected with grain and hasty decisions as for sale, made under the circumstances pressure. If you grain is stored risk-free, you can consider your decisions deliberately and take correct steps.

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