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Main Solutions
Universal pneumatic seeders «Terranova»
Universal pneumatic seeders «Terranova», Argentina
Seylka.jpgIn 1984 engineer E. Bertini, having realized his idea of creating a seeder working on all types of Argentinean soils, presented his first seeder model 8.500.
     This machine applied fertilizers under seedbed, reducing costs on seed grain and fertilizers, thus contributing to getting heavy yields. The product quickly occupied its niche at the agricultural equipment market due to the highest technologies and constant innovations.
     In 1988 at the Palermo exhibition engineer E. Bertini presented his first seeder model 2514 for direct seeding.
     In 1996-97 the company presented a new technological generation of seeders model 1714 for large-seed crops, totally meeting the demands of agricultural producers.
     The seeders created by engineer E. Bertini, are one of the most successful seeder in Argentina. For many years they underwent some changes in the form, but not in the essence.
The transition from the traditional seeding to a direct one has become a fact, and «Terranova» seeders can be successfully used for traditional seeding, and then they can be adapted for direct seeding.

Sprayer is a machine or a device meant for air-spraying and application of liquid pesticides (in the form of solutions, suspensions, emulsions of various concentration) onto the plants for pests and diseases abatement, and also for weed destruction.

Sprayers are used in agriculture when there’s not enough moisture for spraying the soil with water (another liquid can be used). It improves moisture provision of the plants’ base, increases air humidity near the soil surface and reduces the air temperature near the plants’ base.

Sprayers are widely used for controlling various pests in agriculture and forestry. They are filled with liquid solution of special structure for this purpose.



It Serves the Following Purposes:

   •   to convey grain into plastic bags;

   •   to unload the combine harvester tanks and to transport grain to the side of the field for further reloading it into the bulk grain lorry;

   to load seeders with seed grain;

   •   to load seeders and spreaders with mineral fertilizers;

   to reload granular and small fraction materials and so on;

   to reload grain into the dump pit.

Plastic bags storage



                Plastic bags storage is an integrated method due to which different kinds of grain can be stored and processed on the farm in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. This technology means that you store grain protected in a modified atmosphere, with low oxygen content and a high concentration of carbon dioxide.

Fodder packaging machines with grinders

   Fodder storage in plastic bags    is the best alternative of fodder reserves formation. Ensilage influences greatly the increase of the feed ration production efficiency, and, not the least, the improving milk and meat economy. As a result, the savings are bigger in comparison with grain storage in elevators, and silage storage in silos. Production costs are fully recovered due to the fodder quality preservation. In plastic bags one can store fodder grain, corn, corn silage, annual and perennial haylage, pulp, alfalfa etc. Optimal conservation conditions and low nutrient losses are achieved due to the instant air access termination (cold fermentation), proper compaction of silage, and absence of silage losses in the upper and outer layers of silage mass, silage juice absorption within the plastic bag and reduction of nutrient losses, what is possible during re-fermentation. With the use of this technology the optimal fodder density in anaerobic conditions is achieved. With the proper choice of the preservative, fodder can be stored for 18 months without any quality losses.


  R-6-F is used to load finely chopped green vegetable matter into the plastic bag. The peculiarities are: the lateral feed conveyor (with adjustable height) is powered by a hydraulic motor, which makes fodder loading easy; the conveyor is simple to operate; for best results, the harvest should be gathered with the humidity of 55-65%. Productivity - 30-40 t/h. Required tractor power - 80 hp.

Pull - type sprayers
Prizepnoy.jpgBoom: total working width: from 16,30m to 24m. Minimum height: 0,38m, maximum height - 1,70m. Totally hydraulic control system, driven from inside the cabin.

Pump:  manufactured in Italy, «Udor» trademark, capacity from 85 to 160l/min.

Control unit:   3 way control system, proportional flow control (Control-flow system) with general switching-off, driven from inside the cabin.

Filters: suction filter and one for each line.

Clean water tank to wash hands.

Spraying lines: 21mm diameter made of stainless steel.

Nozzle holders: from 31 to 45 Unijet, 0,525m distance between them.

Nozzle type: ceramic.

Wheel track: variable from 1,40m to 2,10m.

Mixer: equipped with washing system for cans and containers.

Chemical mixer: hydraulic.

Tank: made of high density fiberglass, volume from 2000l to 3600l.

Wheel base: 2-wheels, 4-wheels.

Required tractor power: from 80h/p


    Pneumatic suspension system with variable track from 1,56m to 2,1m.

    Loading kit: (motor pump, 12m 2’’ hose), cut-off clutches and filters.

    Cleaning system of solution tank and in line.

    Trijet Nozzle with hermetic membrane.

    Foam marker.

    Arag Monitor, Bravo model.

     Bravo Computer.
Stationary Modular Grain Dryers MEGA
mega1.jpg Stationary grain dryers MEGA are high level and quality industrial products, using the most advanced technologies. Such well-known companies as:  Cargill, Bunge, ADM, Louis Dreyfus, Desmet, AGD, Pioneer use dryers MEGA.
These dryers are designed for all types of grain, oil-producing, legume, small-seeded crops and seed grain.  Drying agent: min. t = 40-450С, max. t = 1200С


      A flexible polyethylene bag is a comparatively new grain storage method, which is a worthy option to grain storage silos (in the first place, because of minimal preliminary expenses) and outdated storehouses. «Astarta Group», being an exclusive distributor of the company «Venados Manufactura Plastica” (Argentina), makes flexible polyethylene bags delivery, and also all necessary equipment for chaffing fodder or grain, loading and unloading of bags. Types of flexible polyethylene bags for grain storage:






Richiger baggers load and compact grain inside three-layer polyethylene bags, offering complete protection from the weather and the elements.



Richger unloaders differ fundamentally from other equipment used to empty out grain bags. Leaving aside skid steers, tractor mounted loaders and grain vacuums that are wasteful and slow, auger type unloaders have been developed for the specific purpose of extracting grain from bags. Richiger unloaders rely on a hydraulic motor that smoothly and automatically pulls in the tractor/unloader unit at a stable pace.

Mobile corn dryers

  Mobile grain dryer


Grain drying by heated air has been used for 50 years.

At present the interest to the drying increased because of the high-production combines usage, and, consequently, because of harvesting time reduction. The high-production dryers usage substantially cuts down the grain preparation time for long-term storage, reduces grain losses in the field during harvesting...


Equipment for elevators

delitel.jpgGrain Transport Equipment



Reel Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Dividing Heads

Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyors of Special Structures

Automatically Controlled Sample-Collecting Devices
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